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Birding  and  Wildlife  Photography

Welcome to PhotoNatura Expeditions - Colombia, a colombian company specialized in prividing birding, wildlife and nature photography tours through Colombia. Based in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a refugee for more than 650 bird species, including more than 26 endemic, we make birding and wildlife expeditions in this amazing nature phenomena, but also across the country, in order to watch and photograph the most important and interesting fauna species, from iconic animals to rare and unusual species. 

We don't offer fixed date / itinerary tours, instead all our expeditions are completly customized according to the specifications and particularities of the expeditioners. Whether you want to do serious bird/wildlife photography, quick birding to register the biggest amount of species in a period of time, search for some particular animal groups or species (herps, mammlas, insects, an so) or just enjoy nature in a relax way, we'll be quite happy to help organize your trip and show you the amazing biodiversity and uniqueness of Colombia.

PhotoNatura Expeditions is also a nature images producer that recognizes the impact of an image to illustrate people and help to protect our habitat. Because of that, PhotoNatura is constantly documenting the biodiversity of Colombia, in  particular the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in order to demonstrate local communities and visitors the importance of nature preservation. We are now working in documenting through high quality photographs the wildlife of La Sierra, with a particular interest on birds, mammals and herps. We encourage you to explore the Gallery section and visit the Projects section to get a close view of these activities.


Enjoy nature, it's all about it

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