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One of the most biodiverse regions on the planet, also one the the most humid,  the wonderful and exuberant tropical rainy forest give shelter to an amazing and almost countless quantity of wildlife. Just one endemic bird: the baudo oropendola, but a huge amount of antbirds, tanagers, woodpeckers, and birds of prey. Also in this area is very likely to get encounters with mammals such as neotropical otters, southamerican coati and night monkeys. This place is also quite good for macrophotography due to the presence of amazing and colorfuls insects and amphibians such as the endemic condoto subfoot toad and different species of dartfrogs.

Great for: Birding and Photography.

Duration: Between 5 - 8 days

Group size: Max. 8 birders / photographers

Best time to go: All year. Dry seasson: Late November - May. Rainy seasson: May - November

Price: Around U$260 per person per day, according to group size, and currency.

Includes local flights from Medellin to Bahia Solano and viceversa, ground transport, lodging, all meals, hydratation, entrance fees, guiding services, bird list.


EL VALLE VILLAGE: A quite small village in front of the pacific ocean, with beatiful beaches and stunning rain forest.  The main beach in this area is called Almejal beach, a tranquil place with a small trail to go inside th forst where possible to fin nice tanagers, antbirds and dartfrogs.

UTRIA NATIONAL PARK: This is one of the best places to explore around, inside the park there are nice trails in the mangroves and inside the forest, but the best area in a 10km trail from the park to EL Valle village where possible to see a lot of birds such as red-capped, green and blue-crowned manakins, great jacamar, baudo oropendola, chestnut-mandibled toucan, crimson-bellied woodpecker and many more, also there are nice streams where possible to spot neotropical otter.

TUNDO RIVER: A nice boat trip offers good opportunities for photography, this is a good area to look for black-tipped and blue cotingas.

IMPORTANT BIRDS: Baudo oropendola, chestnut-mandibled toucan, choco toucan, great jacamar, green, blue-crowned and red-capped manakin, chestnut-backed, dot-winged, ocellated antbird, pacific antwren, spotted antbird, bay wren, pacific and olivaceus flatbill, bananquit, red-legged honeycreeper, golden-hooded, lemon-rumped, plain-coloured and dusky-faced tanager, blue dacnis, fulvous-vented euphonia, white-tailed trogon, purple-crowned fairy, white-tipped sicklebill, rose-faced parrot, red-lored parrot, great tinamou, black-faced antthrush, great curassow and many moooore species..

MAMMALS: Neotropical otter, southamerican coati, night monkeys, raccoon, ocelot.
HERPS: Condoto stubfoot toad, 

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