PhotoNatura Colombia 

Birding  and  Wildlife  Photography


Colombia has an amazing biodiversity in all animal groups, not only birds are of quite interest; mammals, reptiles and amphibians in particular are exceptionally diverse.  These expedition is designed to search for wildlife species specially birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.

One of the best places for wildlife watching is the eastern plains, locally known as Los LLanos orientales, which is quite good for mammals, reptiles and  of course birds. The place is so preserved that is possible to make a serious JAGUAR SEARCHING EXPEDITION, since the place offers excellent opportunities for that. 

Great for: Wildlife (mammals) Photography and Birding

Duration: 6 - 10 days

Best time to go: November - May, dry seasson

Price: Around U$230 per person per day, acording to group size.

Includes local flights, ground transport, lodging, all meals, hydratation, entrance fees, guiding services.


The huge and amazing Hato La Aurora Reserve is without doubts the best place in Colombia to experience the eastern plains wildlife, and perhaps the site that offers best chances to see JAGUAR or other wild cats such as Puma and Yaguaroundi, so it is possible to make a sery serious JAGUAR AND WILD CATS expedition.



Jaguar, Puma, yagouaroundi, White-tailed deer, Giant anteater, southern tamandua, pecari, capibara, giant otter, nine-banded armadillo, arboreal porcupine, black-eared opossum, grey fox, 


Rufous-vented chachalaca, crestless curassow, rufescent-tiger heron, striated-heron, whistling heron, cocoi heron, scarlet ibis, gree ibis, buff-necked ibis, sharp-tailed ibis, jabiru, maguari stork, snailed kite, great-balck hawk, savanna hawk, black-collared hawk, white-tailed hawk, creasted caracara, american kestrel, bat falcon, aplomado falcon, limpkin, grey-necked wood-rail, sunbittern, southern lapwing, pied lapwing, black-necked stilt, great-horned owl, burrowing owl, american pygmy-kingfisher, pale-headed jacamar, chestnut-eared aracari, white-beared flycatcher, large-billed flatbill, violaceus jay, yellow-rumped oriole, yellow oriole, oriole blackbird, crested oropendola, red-breasted blackbird.

Also the amazing Green anaconda.

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